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239441.2 k944Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman
238351 k835Hearts and the Highway
26669931669The Final Judgment
1124.6 k5.4 k4.5 kValérie Kaboré
23582690582Fine Feathers
145.3 k5.2 k5.2 kEdwin Carewe
135.3 k5.2 k5.2 kWilfrid North
1111.4 k1.4 k1.4 kLaafi, Tout va bien
131.4 k1.4 k1.4 kJean-Pierre Améris
131.1 k1 k1 kLes Aveux de l'innocent
12-1.9 k1.8 k26Ina Cesaire
13917917917Ariana Rivoire
12801801801Les Folies fermières
11947947947Julia Maraval
145198971.2 kThe Battle Cry of Peace
143723721.5 kPierre Yaméogo
133764003.8 kOdilia Congo Yoni
11785785785The Fable of Elvira and Farina and the Meal Ticket
121091092.7 kApolline Traoré
11747747747The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde
11739739739The Edge of the Abyss
11734734734Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition
11716716716The Fairy and the Waif
11708708708The Gentleman from Indiana
11698698698Double Trouble
11697697697The Cowboy and the Lady
11671671671The Commanding Officer
11669669669The Climbers
11667667667The Governor's Lady
11660660660The Green Cloak
11660660660The Chorus Lady
11657657657Gretna Green
12-128162466L'honneur japonais
11651651651Vordertreppe und Hintertreppe
11651651651La belle amie de Fatty
11643643643A Gentleman of Leisure
11639639639The Heart of Maryland
11638638638Excuse Me
11637637637Fatty and the Broadway Stars
11637637637The Girl of the Golden West
11638638638Fatty fait une conquête
11632632632Chimmie Fadden Out West
11625625625The Fighting Hope
11622622622Les tribulations de Fatty
11623623623David Harum
11618618618The Heart of Jennifer
11620620620Father and the Boys
11618618618La ville éternelle
11616616616The Galley Slave
11617617617Flame of Passion
11613613613The Golden Chance
11614614614The Face in the Moonlight
11615615615The Dawn of a Tomorrow
11610610610Un drame en Ouganda
11609609609The Diamond from the Sky
11608608608A Foozle at the Tee Party
11605605605Gambier's Advocate
11605605605Fatty's Tintype Tangle
11606606606The Deep Purple
11603603603The Devil (fim, 1915)
11601601601The Commuters
11597597597Fatty's Faithful Fido
11597597597Fatty's New Role
11594594594Fox Trot Finesse
11594594594The Great Divide
11595595595The Danger Signal
1262154575The Three of Us
11592592592Fatty et la plongeuse
11592592592The Country Boy
11591591591Peg de mon coeur
11589589589The Cowardly Way
11586586586The College Widow
11587587587The Dancing Girl
11583583583The Circular Staircase
11581581581Eugene Aram
11580580580La ravageuse
11576576576Enoch Arden (fim, 1915)
11578578578Four Feathers
11570570570The Failure
11570570570The Flaming Sword
11569569569Die falsche Asta Nielsen
11566566566The Ghost of Twisted Oaks
11565565565Le golem
11564564564The Great Ruby
11562562562A Hash House Fraud
11562562562The Chinatown Mystery
11557557557The Cub
11556556556Cohen's Luck
11552552552Embrasse-moi idiot
11554554554Florence Nightingale
11550550550The Devil's Daughter
11549549549The Clemenceau Case
11541541541The Electric Alarm
11537537537A Girl of Yesterday
11536536536Un lâche
11535535535Chaussures en tous genres
11532532532Five Nights
11523523523Far from the Madding Crowd
11520520520The Derby Winner
11517517517Fanchon, the Cricket
11517517517La Folie du Docteur Tube
11515515515Un drame au château d'Acre
11512512512The Goose Girl
11514514514The Chimney's Secret
11512512512Fatty's Plucky Pup
11511511511The Desert Breed
11511511511Flying from Justice
11510510510The Flying Twins
11507507507The Coal King
11507507507For Cash
11502502502The Garden of Lies
11499499499The Foundling
11493493493Un blagueur impénitent
11492492492Court House Crooks
11490490490Great While It Lasted
11488488488An Expensive Visit
11487487487From Italy's Shores
11485485485Fior di male
11484484484The Dictator
11467467467The Grind
11466466466Fresh from the Farm
11459459459The Gambler's I.O.U.
11437437437Le Trône (fim)
11429429429The Gray Nun of Belgium
11331331331Fight for the Dardanelles
117070799Swen (enfimyè)
111717581Les Cinq Diables
1180801.8 kAbdoulaye Komboudri
1143431.9 kTahïrou Tasséré Ouédraogo
12203642.5 kRosario Tijeras (telenovela, 2010)
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