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12515523515Nell's Eugenic Wedding
12548550548The Ghost Breaker
12544570544The Man on the Box
12537545537The Little Gray Lady
11911911911Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Civilization
11676676676The Million Dollar Mystery
11658658658Neptune's Daughter
12426428426The Last of the Line
11613613613An Odyssey of the North
11752752752Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Alaska
11582582582The Nightingale
11561561561A Misplaced Foot
11548548548A Miner's Romance
11694694694Martin Eden
11688688688Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery
11685685685The Daughters of Men
11682682682Brewster's Millions
11535535535Charlot concierge
11681681681The House of Bondage
11533533533A Night of Thrills
11532532532Monsieur Lecoq
11529529529My Official Wife
11529529529Fräulein Piccolo
11668668668The Indian Wars Refought
11669669669The Chechako
11669669669The Circus Man
11667667667In the Days of the Thundering Herd
11665665665Quand le terre trembla
11664664664Judith de Béthulie
11660660660The Avenging Conscience
11659659659Raja Harishchandra
11658658658Der Hund von Baskerville
11654654654McVeagh of the South Seas
11510510510A Million Bid
11653653653Tess of the d'Urbervilles
11650650650Fatty chez les Peaux-Rouges
11651651651The Dishonored Medal
11650650650The Man Who Disappeared
11649649649Le système du docteur Goudron et du professeur Plume
11648648648The Honor of the Mounted
11648648648The Call of the North
11503503503Mrs. Black Is Back
11640640640The Making of Bobby Burnit
11498498498Mother's Baby Boy
11637637637Charlot et Mabel aux courses
11635635635The County Chairman
11631631631The Brass Bottle
11633633633Cameo Kirby
11629629629The Master Mind
11627627627Behind the Scenes (fim, 1914)
11626626626Le Clan des aigles
11625625625In the Clutches of the Gang
11620620620The Fortune Hunter
11618618618The Life of General Villa
11616616616Les Mystères de New York
11613613613The Better Man
11615615615A Good Little Devil
11615615615Charlot artiste peintre
11613613613Red Margaret, Moonshiner
11610610610The Telltale Light
11610610610Hearts and Diamonds
11612612612Traffic in Souls
11611611611La Treizième heure
11608608608In the Land of the Head Hunters
11609609609Charlot papa
11606606606La culotte magique de Fatty
11606606606The Angel of Contention
11603603603The Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus
11603603603An Incompetent Hero
11604604604The Lost Paradise
11603603603Charlot et le Mannequin
11604604604Leading Lizzie Astray
11600600600The Sea Wolf
11601601601The Man from Mexico
11600600600Charlot à l'hôtel
11460460460Nell of the Circus
11599599599Le scrupule
11599599599Shadows of the Moulin Rouge
11598598598Her Luck in London
11595595595Mabel's Stormy Love Affair
11595595595Chip of the Flying U
11596596596Damon and Pythias
11594594594The Unwelcome Guest
11453453453Mein Leopold
11593593593The Higher Law (fim, 1914)
11592592592Le serment de Rio Jim
11592592592A Celebrated Case
11590590590Lord Chumley
11589589589Charlot nudiste
11588588588The Girl Stage Driver
11587587587Dolly of the Dailies
11588588588Her Escape
11587587587The Conspiracy
11584584584A Bath House Beauty
11585585585Fatty's Wine Party
11585585585The Man from Home
11581581581Charlot et la somnambule
11582582582The Telephone Girl and the Lady
11581581581The Sheriff's Baby
11581581581The Werewolf
11583583583The Rattlesnake
11581581581Charlot mitron
11583583583Figures de cire
11579579579Die geheimnisvolle Villa
11579579579Fatty's Jonah Day
11577577577Charlot est trop galant
11577577577His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz
11578578578Charlot fait du cinéma
11578578578Brute Force
11576576576Home, Sweet Home
11573573573Charlot et Mabel en promenade
11573573573That Ragtime Band
11573573573The Green-Eyed Devil
11573573573The King's Romance
11571571571John Barleycorn
11572572572Mabel au volant
11571571571Called Back
11572572572For Ireland's Sake
11572572572A Timely Interception
11568568568Three Friends
11567567567Damaged Goods
11566566566L'étudiant de Prague
11565565565When Lincoln Paid
11565565565Charlot et les saucisses
11565565565The Third Degree
11564564564The Forbidden Room
11564564564The Merchant of Venice
11564564564Charlot et le parapluie
11561561561Charlot grande coquette
11562562562Charlot déménageur
11561561561A Florida Enchantment
11560560560A Welcome Intruder
11557557557Two Men of the Desert
11559559559The Battle of the Sexes
11558558558The Alarm
11555555555Charlot est content de lui
11555555555Lover's Luck
11555555555Charlot garde-malade
11555555555Hearts Adrift
11553553553Barnyard Flirtations
11553553553Charlot et Fatty dans le ring
11554554554A Flirt's Mistake
11551551551The Speed Kings
11549549549The Great Leap; Until Death Do Us Part
11550550550A Quiet Little Wedding
11549549549Captain Alvarez
11545545545An American Citizen
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