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12502510502The Perfidy of Mary
12622624622Richard III
12601609601Le marathon de la mort
12566574566So Near, yet So Far
12560568560East Lynne
134707081007The Informer (fim, 1912)
11642642642In the Bishop's Carriage
11633633633Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn
11627627627Help! Help! Hydrophobia!
11627627627The Jewel Thieves Outwitted
11622622622Mabel's Dramatic Career
123933932 kLiminè
11612612612An Hour Before Dawn
11606606606Le Héros de Mabel
11603603603The Hero of Little Italy
11596596596If We Only Knew
11597597597Passions, He Had Three
11594594594A Message from Mars
11593593593The Prisoner of Zenda
11591591591Jone ovvero gli ultimi giorni di Pompei
11589589589The House of Darkness
11585585585The Lady and the Mouse
11584584584The Mothering Heart
11578578578Der Andere
11578578578The House of Temperley
11574574574The Power of Conscience
11571571571The Little Tease
11570570570How Men Propose
11567567567Love and Courage
11566566566Love in an Apartment Hotel
11565565565Oil and Water
11564564564The Port of Doom
11559559559A Misunderstood Boy
11558558558The Heart of a Cracksman
11556556556A Noise from the Deep
11555555555Le dernier pardon
11553553553The Left-Handed Man
11547547547In the Land of the Cactus
11544544544Un ménage divisé
11544544544The Paymaster's Son
11691691691Nicholas Nickleby
11543543543Peeping Pete
11682682682The Count of Monte Cristo (fim, 1913)
11530530530A Lady of Quality
11530530530The Picture of Dorian Gray
11526526526Preservation of the Sign Language
11527527527Leah Kleschna
11519519519Mabel's Awful Mistakes
11520520520The Old Monk's Tale
11512512512Matrimony's Speed Limit
11511511511Hulda of Holland
11508508508In the Power of the Hypnotist
11506506506Just Gold
11503503503Jerry's Mother-In-Law
11501501501The House of Discord
11642642642Le Désastre
11642642642The Sands of Dee
11641641641The Star of Bethlehem
11640640640The Little Girl Next Door
11498498498A Misappropriated Turkey
11638638638An Adventure on the Mexican Border
11495495495A Little Hero
11495495495His Neighbor's Wife
11634634634The Battle at Elderbush Gulch
11635635635Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life
11492492492In the Long Ago
11490490490Madonna of the Storm
11488488488Near to Earth
11488488488Hurricane in Galveston
11485485485Murphy's I.O.U.
11483483483Der neue Schreibtisch
11481481481The Mistake
11618618618Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (fim, 1913)
11478478478His Sister's Kids
11476476476Mother's Boy
11472472472Olaf—An Atom
11614614614The Evidence of the Film
11614614614Breaking into the Big League
11612612612Saved from the Titanic
11609609609An Adventure in the Autumn Woods
11469469469His Chum the Baron
11608608608Die Filmprimadonna
11607607607Fatty's Flirtation
11606606606The Land Beyond the Sunset
11604604604A Voice from the Deep
11603603603Robin Hood
11604604604Fatty Joins the Force
11462462462His Wife's Child
11604604604The Accusing Hand
11600600600The Daughter of the Hills
11600600600Fatty at San Diego
11597597597Two Daughters of Eve
11597597597With the Enemy's Help
11598598598Brennan of the Moor
11596596596A Leap for Love
11594594594Cohen Saves the Flag
11594594594Life of Villa
11456456456A Modest Hero
11453453453A Night in the Town
11591591591The Lie
12214214687Une idylle à la ferme
11589589589The Voice of Warning
11590590590Chelsea 7750
11588588588The Transformation of Mike
11588588588The Narrow Road
11584584584Poor Jenny
11446446446Lime Kiln Field Day
11585585585Le rayon de soleil
11581581581Under Burning Skies
11581581581The One She Loved
11582582582What Happened to Mary
11580580580A Temporary Truce
11441441441The Last Night of the Barbary Coast
11580580580David Copperfield (fim, 1913)
11579579579The Battle of Waterloo
11580580580One Is Business, the Other Crime
11439439439His Athletic Wife
11438438438Pirate Gold
11439439439One Hundred Years of Mormonism
11575575575The Conscience of Hassan Bey
11574574574Alas! Poor Yorick!
11574574574Coeur d'apache
11571571571War on the Plains
11571571571Beau Brummel
11571571571The Deaf Mute
11434434434The Pit and the Pendulum
12162370640The Deacon's Daughter
11569569569Le chapeau de New York
11568568568You Remember Ellen
11560560560Man's Lust for Gold
11555555555Fatty's Day Off
11556556556Arizona (fim, 1913)
11555555555The Gypsy Queen
11553553553The Old Bookkeeper
11553553553A Sailor's Heart
11549549549The Voice of Conscience
11551551551A String of Pearls
11547547547The Painted Lady
11547547547Man's Genesis
11545545545A Mail Order Hypnotist
11545545545The Root of Evil
11544544544Les aventures de Kathlyn
14-51245595Falling Leaves (fim, 1912)
11542542542The Massacre
11542542542The Poacher's Pardon
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