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178.9 k11 k8.7 kLois Weber
251.7 k2 k1.6 kLiminè
241 k1.3 k1011The Inner Circle (fim, 1912)
23704822704In the Aisles of the Wild
24633905633Just Like a Woman (fim, 1912)
24603883603The Invaders
23587767587Custer's Last Fight
22546546546Friends (fim, 1912)
154.2 k4.2 k4.1 kNetwayaj
22378462378A Japanese Idyll
25696778696Saab Automobile
2210124 kAvengers: Endgame
12537545537The Informer (fim, 1912)
12520528520A Cry for Help
12469469469His Auto's Maiden Trip
12252510 kIjyèn
126060593Diyoksid kabòn
131421422.5 kRosario Tijeras (telenovela, 2010)
11647647647The Count of Monte Cristo
11646646646Falling Leaves (fim, 1912)
11629629629Dr. Jekyll et Mr. Hyde
11628628628De la crèche à la croix
11626626626The Female of the Species
11610610610The Charge of the Light Brigade
11608608608A Cure for Pokeritis
11604604604The Cry of the Children
11598598598The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
11596596596A Feud in the Kentucky Hills
11580580580The Eternal Mother
11568568568Home Folks
11569569569The God Within
11565565565The Girl and Her Trust
11556556556Chief White Eagle
11554554554Indian Romeo and Juliet
11548548548The Girl at the Cupola
11539539539Gold and Glitter
11533533533A Dash Through the Clouds
11531531531Pour son fils
11529529529The Confederate Ironclad
11523523523The Cross-Roads
11521521521A Cave Man Wooing
11517517517La hantise
11515515515A Fool and His Money
11512512512The Fine Feathers
11509509509His Mother
11508508508Le coeur et l'argent
11504504504His Western Way
11501501501The Chief's Blanket
11497497497Help! Help!
11494494494À la conquête du pôle
11496496496The Flirting Husband
11486486486Hoffmeyer's Legacy
11488488488A Change of Spirit
11485485485The Dawn of Netta
11473473473Une idylle à la ferme
11472472472How a Mosquito Operates
11466466466The Deserter
11460460460Der Totentanz
11449449449In Nacht und Eis
11399399399The Honor of the Family
12-41101.1 kDarline Desca
12449449449Arctic Circle Restaurants
11-47474.3 kD. W. Griffith
11323232Dyoksid kabòn
116565524In Old California
11-303020 kFrancis Ford
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