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166.3 k7.6 k6.1 kLaurence Trimble
24785865785Cardinal Wolsey
23616896616Her Crowning Glory
23538630538Jean Rescues
134.2 k4.1 k4.1 kDenise Benoît
151.8 k1.7 k1.7 kQuentin Faure
131.7 k1.7 k1.7 kJérémy Lopez
131.2 k1.2 k1.2 kClémence Faure
12973973973Les Passagers de la nuit (fim, 2022)
13917917917La Nuit du 12
111.6 k1.6 k1.6 kÉtienne Faure
147367361.1 kBiyodivèsite
13570570570On sourit pour la photo
126926921.1 kOksijèn
17293293293Faure (menm non)
12517683517A Christmas Accident
12473475473Le dernier cri des dessins animés
11450450450Pas... de quartier
11671671671Les Amours de la reine Élisabeth
11-39139113 kJean-Louis Trintignant
11650650650The Scarlet Letter (fim, 1911)
11634634634Their First Misunderstanding
11633633633The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
11627627627The Immortal Alamo
11611611611His Trust Fulfilled
11608608608Silver Threads Among the Gold
11605605605What Shall We Do with Our Old?
11606606606Swords and Hearts
11605605605A Decree of Destiny
11600600600Algie the Miner
11594594594Fate's Turning
11592592592Enoch Arden
11593593593The Italian Barber
11586586586Fisher Folks
11585585585The Colleen Bawn
11581581581Sa confiance
11582582582At Coney Island
11578578578Vanity Fair
11573573573Heart Beats of Long Ago
11575575575The Smile of a Child
11574574574His Daughter
11571571571Was He a Coward?
11571571571The Goodfellow's Christmas Eve
11572572572The Lily of the Tenements
11568568568David Copperfield
11569569569The Spanish Gypsy
11570570570The Strength and Agility of Insects
11565565565The Making of a Man
11565565565Die Verräterin
11567567567The Last Drop of Water
11565565565The Voice of the Child
11565565565Fighting Blood
11565565565Un drame d'amour sous la Révolution
11565565565A Country Cupid
11561561561Saved from the Torrents
11557557557How She Triumphed
11557557557The New Dress
11557557557As You Like It
11558558558Une bête aux abois
11555555555The Indian Brothers
11552552552The Dream
11553553553The Long Road
11549549549The Two Paths
11549549549Love in the Hills
11549549549The Burglar's Dilemma
11544544544Princess Clementina
11544544544The Primal Call
11545545545The Miser's Heart
11543543543The Way of the Eskimo
11542542542The White Rose of the Wilds
11541541541Through Darkened Vales
11540540540A Woman Scorned
11536536536The Villain Foiled
11537537537The Lonedale Operator
11532532532The Fiddle's Requiem
11532532532Priscilla's April Fool Joke
11532532532The Long Strike
11530530530A Canine Sherlock Holmes
11527527527Priscilla and the Umbrella
11525525525Blind Love
11524524524The Railroad Builder
11522522522Captured by Bedouins
11518518518The Pasha's Daughter
11515515515The Dark Romance of a Tobacco Tin
11517517517Le vitrail diabolique
11517517517Aurora Floyd
11512512512Sweet Memories
11511511511A False Suspicion
11510510510Her Awakening
11507507507Her Dad the Constable
11504504504The Gordian Knot
11505505505The New Superintendent
11506506506For the Love of an Enemy
11502502502Live, Love and Believe
11500500500The Lighthouse by the Sea
11501501501Lady Godiva
11501501501The Railroad Raiders of '62
11499499499Saved by the Pony Express
11497497497Out from the Shadow
11498498498The Reformation of the Suffragettes
11495495495The Smuggler
11495495495By a Woman's Wit
11496496496He Fought for the U.S.A.
11492492492Henry VIII
11492492492The Angel of the Studio
11491491491Alias Billy Sargent
11486486486The Mummy
11486486486The Irish Honeymoon
11487487487That's Happiness
11483483483The Little Soldier of '64
11475475475Special Messenger
11474474474Why He Gave Up
11473473473Max victime du quinquina
11472472472The Country Lovers
11470470470The Rosary
11471471471The Franciscan Friars of Killarney
11471471471La digue
11468468468Rory O'More
11468468468The Old Curiosity Shop
11465465465Courting Across the Court
11461461461The Crooked Road
11460460460God's Inn by the Sea
11459459459The Colonel and the King
11455455455The Higher Law
11453453453The Buddhist Priestess
11445445445Fate's Funny Frolic
11440440440Madame Sans-Gêne
11438438438Flames and Fortune
11426426426Won by Wireless
11427427427The Madman
11425425425The Coffin Ship
11423423423Greater Love Hath No Man
11418418418Cally's Comet
11416416416Stage Struck
11413413413For Her Sake
11410410410The Tempest (fim, 1911)
11404404404Lost Years
11404404404Her Humble Ministry
11387387387When Love Was Blind
11368368368The Westerner and the Earl
11357357357Prompt Payment and Stealing a Ride
11354354354The Vote That Counted
11352352352The Norwood Necklace
11344344344The Last of the Mohicans
11342342342The Little Mother
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