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1511 k11 k11 kAndré Penvern
149.2 k11 k9 kRobert G. Vignola
261.6 k1.8 k1.6 kRamona (fim, 1910)
129.5 k9.3 k9.3 kTom Santschi
167.4 k8 k7.3 kGuy Coombs
23751751751Artful Kate
24610778610Aida (fim, 1911)
23632850632The Broken Cross
24780780780Lena Rivers (fim, 1910)
24479565479Les Hallucinations du baron de Münchhausen (fim, 1911)
176.8 k6.8 k6.6 kGene Gauntier
23479581479Brown of Harvard (fim, 1911)
24418438418Bruto (fim, 1911)
145.8 k5.7 k5.6 kOwen Moore
23480866480The Sanitarium
23592592592The Seminole Halfbreeds
22548548548The Mermaid
24401611401The Stranger (fim, 1910)
22487631487The Perversity of Fate
23383493383Pocahontas (fim, 1910)
134.6 k6 k4.5 kGeorge Hernandez
23334422334Oh, What a Knight!
22302400302The Stolen Invention
132.6 k2.8 k2.6 kJules Sitruk
132.6 k2.5 k2.5 kMaurice Aufair
161.1 k1.1 k1.1 kLa Nature (fim, 2022)
142.2 k2.2 k2.2 kChronique d'une liaison passagère
152.1 k2 k2 kViolet Heming
132.3 k2.3 k2.3 kAnna Rosemond
131.1 k1.1 k1.1 kThomas Salvador
131.8 k1.8 k1.8 kCéline Mauge
12934936934Alice Diop
12866866866Novembre (fim)
131.2 k1.2 k1.6 kLuis Bernard Henry
12956956956Un jeune poète
12773773773Nous (fim)
121.2 k1.1 k1.1 kDarline Desca
12744744744Le Médecin imaginaire (fim)
12883883883Ça tourne à Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
12789789789Georgia Scalliet
12573573573Mariannes noires
12503503503La Montagne (fim, 2022)
12491491491Takara, la Nuit où j'ai nagé
12616616616Les Enfants d'Isadora
12783783783Champagne !
11904904904Damien Manivel
11-7797794.4 kD. W. Griffith
12512538512Across the Plains (fim, 1911)
12408436408The Girls of the Ghetto
11623623623Behind the Stockade
11624624624Alkali Ike's Auto
11600600600The Blind Princess and the Poet
11593593593The Baseball Bug
11731731731The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg
11724724724The Woman from Mellon's
11708708708Rastus cherche son déjeuner
11556556556The Battle of Trafalgar
11689689689In the Season of Buds
11685685685The Oath and the Man
11683683683The Merry Wives of Windsor
11682682682A Romance of the Western Hills
11673673673The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
11519519519The Battle
11507507507Baseball and Bloomers
11649649649The Two Brothers
11499499499Billy the Kid
11639639639The Modern Prodigal
11640640640A Tin-Type Romance
11635635635The House with Closed Shutters
11631631631The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy
11480480480Magdala (fim)
11620620620Wilful Peggy
11617617617A Mohawk's Way
11616616616Winning Back His Love
11615615615The Kid
11608608608The Adventures of Billy
11606606606The Englishman and the Girl
11601601601The Lad from Old Ireland
11601601601The Girl of the Northern Woods
11595595595Twelfth Night
11450450450Among the Irish Fisher Folk
11581581581The Lucky Toothache
11581581581The Little Spreewald Maiden
11579579579The Rocky Road
11573573573A Flash of Light
11572572572Love in Quarantine
11569569569What the Daisy Said
11566566566The Fire Chief's Daughter
11564564564The Unchanging Sea
11563563563When Lovers Part
11562562562Dans les états limitrophes
11419419419The Automatic Motorist
11555555555The Man Who Lost
11547547547Indiscretions of Betty
11410410410Le Parc (fim)
11544544544The Heart of Edna Leslie
11539539539The Fugitive
11536536536Jean the Match-Maker
11535535535Ten Nights in a Bar Room
11524524524The Love Romance of the Girl Spy
11523523523The Navajo's Bride
11519519519A Woman's Wit
11513513513Rose O'Salem-Town
11513513513The Fisherman's Granddaughter
11507507507The Johnson–Jeffries Fight
11505505505The Sergeant
11505505505The Romance of a Trained Nurse
11500500500The Aerial Anarchists
11496496496Jean and the Calico Doll
11494494494Rip Van Winkle (fim, 1910)
11493493493Uncle Tom's Cabin (fim, 1910)
11491491491John Halifax, Gentleman
11491491491Pigs Is Pigs
11490490490The Telephone
11487487487Her Soldier Sweetheart
11488488488The Girl and the Bandit
11349349349Bertie's Brainstorm
11478478478Pride of the Range
11478478478The Deacon's Daughter
11477477477The Seminole's Trust
11473473473She Would Be a Business Man
11472472472Hemlock Hoax, the Detective
11465465465The Miser's Child
11463463463The Little Fire Chief
11463463463Le dévouement de l'Indienne
11459459459In Old California
11455455455The Two Roses
11455455455The Girl Thief
11449449449The Playwright's Love
11446446446Tempest and Sunshine
11439439439She Wanted to Marry a Hero
11440440440The Gambler's Charm
11440440440An Engineer's Sweetheart
11435435435A Thanksgiving Surprise
11435435435The Yaqui Girl
11433433433The Vicar of Wakefield
11430430430Looking Forward
11423423423Peg Woffington
11421421421Paul and Virginia
11413413413Everybody Saves Father and The Only Girl in Camp
11413413413The Winter's Tale
11408408408She Stoops to Conquer
11405405405Not Guilty
11402402402The Mystery of Temple Court
11399399399The Girls He Left Behind Him and The Iron Clad Lover
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