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1158.4 k9.8 k8.2 kFimografi D. W. Griffith
1611 k10 k10 kSidney Olcott
1410 k14 k10 kEdith Storey
1215 k14 k14 kFlorence Lawrence
129.2 k9 k9 kWilliam Humphrey (aktè)
259291.3 k929Her First Biscuits
221.1 k1 k1 kThe Medicine Bottle
239781.3 k978Nursing a Viper
238271.1 k827One Touch of Nature
237371009737Pippa Passes
25497849497Oliver Twist (fim, 1909)
155.2 k5.4 k5.1 kD. W. Griffith
23631863631The Maniac Cook
23520838520Mr. Jones Has a Card Party
174.9 k4.9 k4.8 kLinda Arvidson
22466746466The Politician's Love Story
1114.2 k4.1 k4.1 kViviane Gauthier
145.7 k5.7 k5.6 kMatthieu Rozé
22377591377A Poor Wife's Devotion
22357667357The Octoroon
1161.4 k1.4 k1.4 kFéminines Traversées
1121.6 k1.6 k1.6 kFarah Ménard
22349467Arroyomolinos de León (Huelva)
22-155463Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva)
141.3 k1.3 k1.2 kJour de gloire (fim, 2022)
134957311.1 kThe Helping Hand
14548650548Marie Alice Bélisaire
12622622622Coma (fim, 2022)
154425805.4 kSidney Poitier
12569569569The Gibson Goddess
118368362.6 kJulia Faure
11687687687Fools of Fate
11656656656A Midsummer Night's Dream
11640640640The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals
11628628628Jones and His New Neighbors
11619619619The Mended Lute
11617617617I Did It
11616616616Jones and the Lady Book Agent
11615615615His Ward's Love
11612612612In Little Italy
11609609609Harry Solter
11606606606The Hindoo Dagger
11604604604The Hessian Renegades
11601601601The Honor of Thieves
11601601601Lady Helen's Escapade
11602602602The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War
11602602602The Lure of the Gown
11600600600The Life of Moses
11599599599Mrs. Jones Entertains
11595595595The Girls and Daddy
141241281.9 kDavid Chocarro
11584584584Leather Stocking
11582582582His Wife's Mother
11567567567Getting Even
11565565565The Lonely Villa
11563563563His Lost Love
11555555555The Little Darling
11555555555A Fool's Revenge
11551551551Love Finds a Way
11551551551In Old Kentucky
11549549549The Golden Louis
11546546546Lucky Jim
11544544544Jephtah's Daughter: A Biblical Tragedy
11531531531Mr. Flip
11528528528Les Misérables
11524524524For the Cause of Suffrage
121471471 kJ'adore ce que vous faites
11521521521Mrs. Jones' Birthday
12-84394531The Bandit's Waterloo
1213513510 kMarie Vieux-Chauvet
11503503503A Florida Feud
11443443443Making It Pleasant for Him
11441441441Macbeth (fim franse soti an 1909)
11417417417Moscou sous la neige
11417417417The Moonstone
11413413413Apparitions fantômatiques
113903901 kPresque (fim)
121111837VIP (Vanité Intrigues Passions)
13-5229561For Love of Gold
11-205205461The Fight for Freedom
11-1521523742 A. M. in the Subway
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11-3939425Cabezas Rubias (Huelva)
11004 kLisardo Guarinos
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